Hi There

Thankyou for taking the time to visit.

My inspirations for making colourful

And funky beaded bracelets aswell as other

designs, in part comes from being blessed

to go on some travels around our amazing planet.

One of those places was India.

Having said that, you don't have to travel too

Far from home to be creative.  I think my mum

did her best to encourage appreciation of the

Creative stuff early on. Ha...I will never forget

The sleep-out in India when my friends and I

Were staying in the Rajisthan desert. Our camels

Were settleing-down, chewing the cud and staring

Off into the shadowy night sand. My friends were

engaged in a animated conversation and laughing,

sharing a story of a scary plane journey.

This included the American friend, travelling on a big dipper boeing flight 

in a storm, with  passengers turning pink as

luggage lockers fell open and people, sat holding their breath,

 seatbelted, as the cabin lights flickered on & off.  I listened,

marvelling with them, but I was also starting to notice

 giant dung beetles, who, like a alarming army,

were skidding down the sand dunes and

sometimes scuttling across our drinking equipment

and our canvas mat for sleeping.  Later on,

listening to my friends snoring and their breathing

I lay awake hardly closing

my eyes at the thought of a close up with a giant crunchy dung beetle.

 The whole night sky, clear and unpolluted,

was studded with a canopy of stars.

But I found it difficult to focus on this vast display 

Of beauty thinking all the while about those black,

scuttleing, armoured dung-crustations running across

my sleeping-bag or spidering up to my face.  Later, reflecting on the hooting

laughter of my friends who were now curled up

& snuggled down, sleeping like logs, I thought that

In some significant ways, they were trusting,

more than I was doing.  I thought that their

Laid back attitude illustrated a wider lesson and

something I have been learning ever

Since about forever trusting

 in the Unseen.

In the morning,I opened my eyes, looking out for the new day

Like a polar explorer, early on about 6am. 

The night before - apart from the laughter

of my friends, had been no 'Chick Lit'.

This morning the  the desert was still and silent.  A hundred metres

away, a small dog sat on the nearest dune. 

 I never knew dogs could look so  friendly

and it looked cheerful and playful.  The pure blue sky was

fresh and the desert a pale buttery yellow, bathed

 in delicate strands of light from the early sun.

The desert journey was coming to an end 

and I was looking forward to the comforts

of our Rajisthan hotel room, simple luxuries like a hot shower

and four walls to sleep in aswell as a window 

between me and all those crawly, flying, buzzing insects.

The prospect of exploring the shops and little

Bazaars was appealing. Eventually tho',

I never got there as I spent the next 3 days 

in my hotel, sleeping off a bug  I'd most likely

picked up from eating  a dish of the local curd....


Hey, Hippy Sojourning.   Enjoy the Journey.   Hitch a Star.